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A New Driveway!

2010 is most definitely the ‘year of the reno’. For my 20th anniversary the studio got a major facelift. This has been a big project i was wanting to tackle for years. I’m so fortunate to have friends like Gary and Ildyko from Concrete Concepts

who did an amazing job for me.

This little beast worked for two days digging up the back lot and leveling the slope.

His crew worked fast, there was not a great deal of set up time as as the concrete had to be at an ideal firmness for stamping. Fortunately it didn’t rain and wasn’t overly hot.

This is a pretty thick pad, Probably at least 8-10″ thick in some spots. I hope i never need to dig this lot up again.

Gary tried a new technique on my driveway, he pre-coated all the stamps with a dye that colored the concrete. Previously they used to powder the concrete directly. This technique worked really well as the dye concentrated at the creases which really emphasized the natural stone look.