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Building bass resonance reducers

A new room is being built at Studio31… Stay tuned for the big announcement!  The first phase of development was building acoustic panels to temper the echo in the room.  Not only do the panels reduce echo and produce a nice sound signature,  but create a nice aesthetic.

IMG_5800 IMG_5797

The panels are acutally quite easy to build (If you own a compressor, air nailer and stapler), and are fairly affordable coming in under $24 ea.    Framing is done with 1X4″ studs and the panels were build at 32″X48″ to fit standard sound absorbing Rockwool™ battons.  I left the backs open and hung them with simple framing wire and hardware.   The results are incredible!

IMG_5801 IMG_5803

I found a great deal on 35 yards of black low stretch fabric for $40… this is where you can really customize your room with different styles of materials.

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