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Chasing Sound

It’s amazing how noise can get through the smallest air gaps and pollute your environment. The last year was spent chasing down these trouble spots and closing them off.  This fix deals with the high to mid range frequencies that actually com

e ‘through’ the wall.  Unfortunately in BC due to the mild winters, most buildings that you find over 20 years old all have single pane windows.   These light windows are pretty much as bad as it gets for stopping sound and heat transmission.

The new windows are triple pane double thick laminated glass with thermal protected aluminum frames.  Density is a key factor in diminishing sound levels and double the glass makes a big difference.  Vinyl frames would have been cheaper but I am adamant about vinyl free products in the studio due to their toxicity* and the fact that in a fire, the toxic smoke it creates is the primary cause of smoke inhalation deaths.  Here’s a great link from Greenpeace about vinyl toxicity.

I have been absolutely amazed by this product.  One night a neighbor had a party and I was reading sound peaks over 90 dp with the window open.   With the window closed, the sound was not perceivable  and the meter read ambient noise at 40 db which is pretty much constant all times of the day.  The office now requires about half the heat to keep it at a comfortable temperature in winter with these highly efficient windows.

*Although soft vinyl products can be very toxic,  rigid vinyl is thought to be inert once it is created.  The production process   is very toxic as is vinyl if ignited.