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Commitment to quality: Level Ground coffee & Numi Teas

Years ago i was quite content buying a Starbucks coffee,  I thought i could trust a grassroots company that originated a few hours from Vancouver and had a culture with a similar mindset to our hippie  west coast environmental attitudes… I was wrong.   Corporations by nature are defined as sociopaths,  lacking a conscious and pursuing money as a means for existence.    It all started with this amazing documentary ‘Black Gold’ which documents the decline of poor nations and people that are slaves to these companies through bottom up price fixing.  This is what has created the new market of ‘Fair Trade’ products… essentially producers receive a rate that keeps them viable and able to meet or surpass a minimum standard of living.

Watch this documentary and be a part of change rather than supporting the status quo:

I am trying to become a better citizen of the world.  I love finding products that reflect my philosophy that also happen to be amazing.   Believe me that not only do you feel better about supporting companies that give back to the world,  but you are also rewarded with better products.   I never thought I would be a coffee snob,  but one of the products I believe in wholly and only use at Studio31 is the Tanzanian bean from Level Ground Trading.   I love touting my barista skills on the expresso maker, but I must also give a nod to the top quality products I use.


Brands I follow must impress me in three ways,  A philosophy of giving back and being environmentally responsible,  a product that is of exemplementry  quality,  and packing that reflects this philosophy.  So many times,  you will see brands that tout ‘organic’ or ‘all natural’ but then use bleached,  full color packaging with spot color (add’l inks) and laminations… this does not speak truth.


Another product I now consider part of my permanent in house catering package is Numi Tea.

Because of their recycled packaging,   great quality ( I love the Earl Grey and Mate’ Lemon) and a genuine philantropy including fair trade practice,  I can get behind these products.



I had previously used what were considered premium brands such as ‘Tazo’ and ‘Mighty Leaf’ until I read an article about their plastic or GMO corn silk tea bags,  pesticide levels and chemically treated tea pouches.


So now you know what you will be served next time you come by Studio31 and why I prefer these products!

“chart and information provided by foodbabe.com