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Dr. Phil 2013 “Did she marry an imposter?”

As far as interesting rentals go,  this one runs top of the list.    I only caught half of the show because the talent was on a headset, but watching afterwards was quite entertaining.   I was actually surprised he was willing to be grilled for so long on national television.

Rentals usually take place in my studio space which is designed around TV production.  This one was filmed entirely in my office… I guess it had the pre-built ‘homey’ factor they were looking for.  I sat quietly at my computer and worked away while a live satellite  interview with Dr. Phil took place in front of me.




I’ve been patiently waiting for this show to air until i could post this blog which was shot back in September, Apparently it was one of the better episodes and was being saved for ‘sweeps’.


Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes

My triple pane sound proofed windows proved their worth filming in my office space.   A giant Satellite truck was just out front with generators running transmitting the feed down south… couldn’t even hear it.

Thanks to Douglas from Baird Television associates who continues to bring the most interesting jobs to Studio31.

Check out the sneakers… lol.