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Fortis Green Leader Program.

‘Green Business’ has certainly become a popular throw around word these days.  How do you care about the environment but not affect your bottom line… I think the truth is you can’t in most industries.  Some investments I’ve made pay back in a couple years… others are gong to take a decade before I see a return.  Most of the studio upgrades have focused around insulation,  changing to lower wattage efficient fixtures and high efficiency appliances and heaters.  Although some have an initial higher cost, in the long term they all pay pack and make a difference.

evil pollution

FortisBC recently offered business and industry clients the option of signing up for renewable natural gas. The Renewable Natural Gas program is designed to help companies reduce their carbon emissions while supporting the implementation of renewable energy technologies in BC.  Produced from methane gas generated from organic waste found at local farms and landfills,  infrastructure is being created to not capture the emissions that would have previoulsy gone to waste and polluted the environment.

Unfortunately Renewable natural gas is currently about 350% more expensive than ‘natural’ gas,  so this is still not a very practical option for business.  By supporting the program however beginning at 10% replacement and upwards, you are supporting the growth of this new industry which inevitably is good for the world.
Many people are also not aware that Natural gas is far from a clean option.  As resources dwindle, new sources are found through Fraction mining.  Gas wells are dumping millions of liters of the worst chemicals into the earth under high pressure to release natural gas.  Reduce this demand by going renewable and in turn reducing greenhouse gasses.


Check out ‘Gasland’ at this ink if you would like to learn more.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZe1AeH0Qz8