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Going Green ( part 2 )

Insulating the studio was and still is big on the mandate. . . phase two is energy consumption! I”ve long been looking at Solar and Geothermal options, but right now upgrading the equipment is a much more reasonable option. I was quite suprised to

learn that the old furnace (30 years old now) could be operating at an efficiency as low as 50%!!!!!

I decided to go with this Marvel of the furnace world. . . a Lennox! Where my old furnace produced very hot exhaust, this one makes water and a warm steam. . . i’m not kidding when i tell you its a most pleasant exhaust! This baby is 98% efficient. . almost twice as efficient as the old unit.

this is the other unit, a Bosch BWH C 800 Tankless hot water heater. Hot water is now by on demand and unlimited. The efficiency is 92% compared with a tank around 60%. Another advantage was getting rid of the big water tank and creating more room, the downside with these units however is a 20 second warm up time for hot water and temperature fluctuations based on load, but all in all i think the savings are a good trade off. I’m considering a solar preheat for the water which would raise the efficiency even further.

One pet peeve i want to share is that there were no incentive programs for any of my upgrades. I will probably never see the payoff by the time i sell the building other than the satisfaction of leaving less impact on the world. If you purchase the same furnace as a homeowner you get approx $700 back from bc hydro and the gov’t., but none of this applies if you own a commercial building! No wonder so many buildings are still poorly insulated and running on outdated equipment.