604873445431 East 5th ave. Vancouver, B.C. Canada

It’s a sign!

Studio31 is becoming a well recognized sound stage and I figured it was time to put some branding on the building.  This has been in the works for the last year trying to come up with a design.  I wanted a round sign but the logo did not work well in any of the designs…  ultimately it seemed best to keep it simple and stick with the original branding which also shows the web domain as part of the name.  Now it’s even easier to find us.


My buddy suggested using  ‘Corian’ countertop material as a custom backing for the sign.  Corian is highly durable, easy to drill and it can withstand the Vancouver wet weather.  It’s certainly not the cheapest material… my wholesale price on this small 14′ X 65′ piece was $160 but the granite look is worth it.

IMG_1457IMG_1456 IMG_1455 IMG_1447