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Kino Flo Lighting Packages

Video lights are now available in-house at a great rate!  Now you do not not have to worry about pick up, delivery, damage en route and returning gear on store hours.

The Image 45 is a great light for illuminating backgrounds with a nice even spread… you can easily get background coverage from a single light of up to 15′ in height.   This produces a nice even soft illumination which can be further controlled with the included Louvre.   For green screen applications,   green bulbs are also available.


Next in the lighting arsenal are the Kinoflo Tegras.   After much research and hands on testing these units were my personal choice for the studio.  I had heard of complaints with variable power lights and color shifting… particularly with the kinoflo Divas (sister brand).  I tested this unit with a color meter and did not see a variation more that 40 Kelvin from the lowest setting all the way to max power,   that’s pretty decent!

The Tegra’s light profile combined with my overhead rail system will make for an excellent studio environment with minimal equipment on the floor.   All the units include remote dimmers, flozier diffusers, integrated barn doors,  and removable grid systems.