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No more Garage Door!

Next to the new Roof, this simple enclosure was one of the most expensive jobs i have taken on. The City of Vancouver sure Sticks it to you with permits and shirking responsibility. Apparently any wall over 6′ has to be engineered… And engineer

s aren’t cheap, even for the simple jobs ($1000) . Then you have to get your building permit and construction permit ($860). These permits used to include inspections, but on this job my engineer was the one who had to come and inspect the job on 2 occasions ($567). $2367 and i had not even started the job… for filling in a hole in my wall!!!

Three loads of cinderblock in the truck, and three more loads for concrete and sand. All these were loaded into the studio when i had a flash of intelligence… I picked up 8″ blocks instead of 12″ blocks. I forgot my building had an oversized rear wall! – oh well, i just write it off as needed exercise.

In a photography studio your great enemy is dust. These are not exactly my favorite projects because of the mess, and that they take so long to complete.

I don’t know what was more painful, seeing this huge mess, or seeing this huge mess on my brand new driveway! The wall had to be built with rebar and filled with concrete, I think there were no less than 20 bags of concrete, and 40 of sand!

This made an amazing difference for soundproofing the building. Once the doors were put in and closed, all the outside noise was cut off… far superior to the garage door!