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Resonance and echo reducing wall

Sounds fancy eh?  It’s really just a plywood wall offset at 2 degrees with a rockwool backing.  The interior of a cinderblock building is just a big echo chamber with sound waves reflecting off opposing walls.  By angling the wall, the reflec

tion is redirected from the opposing wall

Bass reducer are created by suspending rockwool filled plywood boxes of varying depth on a wall.  Typically 3 depths are created to cover the range of bass produced in a studio.  This plywood wall starts at 4″ from the wall  and reduces to 1/2″  giving a full range bass reducer.

p.s.  Normally I would have a simple painted black wall, but I got my hands on some neat corrugated rust ‘effect’ panels for a unique background to use temorarily.  I’m going to consider this my ‘transition wall’ … now that it has a plywood backing,  set changes are easier than ever.