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Sound Upgrade Ver 3.1

I’ll admit that when I was a young boy this is what I thought ‘wall to wall’ carpeting really meant… after all how awesome is carpet on the wall! This was not an inspirational leap after watching ‘Get him to the Greek’ or pursuit of a childhoo

d fantasy but on the advice of a sound engineer. So many of the areas are controllable with buffering, deflectors and baffles, but the two flat surfaces of the cove have been a challenge regarding a subtle echo 5′ deep into the space.

The first challenge was finding the right material… something with a diffuse front and rubber backing to provides a decent substrate for adhesion to the wall and some density for sound absorption. The floor mats that you find on the front of doorways proved to be a perfect solution and came in 6’X9′ sizes for minimal seams.

I was sad to cover up my inspirational wall quote ‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away’ but knowing it’s still there will have to do. All the panels were adhered to the wall with rubber cement spray glue… both surfaces were sprayed and gave the flexibility of ‘re-alignment’. I usually use the Super 77 3M brand but used Elmers this time since it can be slightly less permanent and not does not immediately lock the bond.

The finished look is great and adds to the Studio feel in the room… after all form should follow function. The opposing wall to the cove is now soft diffuse and the reduction in echo is noticeable. I like it so much the question now is what to carpet next and where do I find a vertical vacuum?