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Welcome to Vancouvers best soundstage! I have put a great deal of effort this year improving the studios sound absorbing abilities and sound barriers. One of the big challenges has been getting rid of the echo of cinderblock walls in such a large

area. The Monoglass on the ceiling made a huge difference in echo reduction but there was still a subtle reverberation in areas. It’s a challenge when you have a big open area without carpets and soft furniture to block the waves. I looked to a studio solution with sound absorbing walls. These materials were quite expensive and had to be shipped from the US ($$$). I quickly learned that even mattress foam can be packaged and marketed as a ‘sound wall’. I decided to create my own custom solution and specialty ordered my own foam design to spec. Most of the products out there are only a medium density foam cel and none had any fire rating. My panels are fire rated, one of the highest density foams, and 40% thicker than most of the options i found online. More density = better sound absorbtion.

It was notable that the minute the bundles were brought into the building that there was an immediate ‘buffering’ of the interior noises. I was getting excited to ‘hear’ and ‘see’ the placement on the walls.

Each panel was sprayed with ‘Super 77’ as well as the wall where it was to be placed.

The panels are turned alternately to best ‘capture’ the sound waves from all angles, that plus i think it gives a great aesthetic!I wrapped the whole perimeter of the studio from the ceiling down 8′, excluding the cove. I would have brought it to the floor but that was not practical within a working space, that and the fact that people would probably be touching and tearing them (human nature sucks). Each 10′ section between the pillars (24 panels) was $720 ($30/panel). If you would like any of this product for your space, feel free to contact me.