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Studio Rentals

Well its’ been a banner year with studio rentals… I think i had my favorite last week when Danny Glover and Bruce Greenwood were in shooting covers for their new movie ‘Donovans Echo’. In the hopes of getting more of these projects I thought it w

as time to update some of the studio images.

As you may have read in a previous post, the studio has had a major sound upgrade including a sprayed ceiling and sound insulated walls. Not only have these products proven to be very effective, I think they give the space a great ‘aesthetic’. (click above image to enlarge)

It was hard to give up my gym, but let me introduce you to the new media room. This space is adjacent to the studio and makes a great multi purpose room for an additional makeup station, change room, meeting area, or to simply hang out. You are also able to connect your peripherals to the monitor for presentations and access the internet.

Above is the south facing view as you exit the studio with the media room to the right. At the end of the hallway is an additional common area which is just off the entrance of the building… another great multi-purpose room with a kitchenette attached.

This is the north facing view looking into the studio giving a glimpse of the newly renovated bathroom. Custom rubber backed matting eliminates sounds from those hard soled shoes during audio recording, and just looks good when you’re walking in for a photoshoot.