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The new digital reality

I was on the path of creating a commercial,  looking for talent and finding a quality film / editing crew.  Even with lots of favours to pull in,  these kind of projects can run into the thousands.  I was suggested a better idea of creating a timeless 3D animated interior.   This is going to be a fly through highlighting key features of the studio with creative pop ups.   One of the great things is that this can always be updated to represent the studio accurately.

Studio 7

A series of floor photographs merged in photoshop and integrated into the render gives a very accurate version of the studio floor.

Studio 5

The next thing on the list is to recreate some lighting gear and place in furniture… much of it is already available on the internet.Studio 3 Mk room4


One of the really interesting things about this 3D world is that you can visualize the space from any anglestydio11If you are looking for talent for a particular project,  I would suggest Odesk.com.   I have had a series of great experiences with this company including my Blog and website.  Be sure to do enough due diligence before hiring individuals by confirming they have the appropriate qualifications.   These renders were created under a week for about $500… not bad!