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The ultimate ‘Hells Kitchen’

Well maybe not exactly. . . it was more a hellish year building this kitchen starting with heated flooring and working on up. Good news is its done and ready to be used. The Cabinetry was all custom thanks to my friends at

ane.com” target=”_blank”>David Lane Office Furniture.

I’m so glad i didn’t go the Ikea route. . . what a quality difference!

With the exception of the fridge, all the handles run horizontally. I wanted a very linear look. The cabinets are tall and narrow contrasting the handles. The countertops, are all ‘Silestone’ with quartz. . . one of the toughest countertops that never needs sealing – I got them at a great deal as offcuts from a Vancouver apartment project.

As my dad used to say “now you’re cooking with gas!”. The instant heat is amazing to cook with and brings life to the kitchen. The stainless steel looks fabulous against the dark cabinets and floor, but the combination has proven to be quite a challenge to keep looking clean.

Here’s the reverse angle. The slate wall was brought from China, it’s hard to believe that it is cheaper to produce and ship from half way round the world than to buy locally (about 1/2 $). The flat screens channel cable and video surveillance in every room. . . I’ll never miss a moment of Top Model or Heroes!

For reference, here’s the kitchen i endured for the last 12 years, This Reno was a welcome change!