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Woody Harrelson – NBC special

It was a pleasure to have Woody Harrelson at the studio filming a NBC tribute piece to James Burrows (director of Cheers, Taxi and Friends episodes).  It was just recently I learned that Woody is a leading advocate of environmentalism, ocean protection and the reform of marijuana laws.   I probably could not have had more compatible celebrity with the studio philosophy… but after all like energies attract (Studio office scene at 4:05)

Ryan Polito Directing on set…

Normally productions take place in the actual soundstage but apparently my office already had the makings of a ‘talent agency’.


A smile from my special girl… nobody believed her when she told friends about her day at the studio lol… this is for you hon.


Woody doing his scenes.

IMG_1695 (2)

Zilla “the mop” – studio dog.

Agent scenes with David Lewis.

IMG_1698 sm